​Our purebred Angus herd currently consists of over 1200 registered females. For years, we have focused on breeding all economically important traits. We don’t focus solely on one specific trait, but take all into consideration. We breed for excellent dispositions, phenotype, calving ease with performance, carcass and, most of all, maternal traits.

We have used many sires in our breeding program that have been ranch raised. They consistently keep up with and surpass a lot of the top AI sire bulls in the business. Our ranch raised sires have produced sons that have topped our bull sales several years in a row now.

This year you will find a little variety of breeds to choose from. Our base cowherd primarily consists of purebred Angus cows. Last fall, we had an opportunity to buy into a tremendous set of Charolais cows at the “Legacy Sale” from Wienk Charolais. They dispersed all their mature cows on this big event. We spent countless hours researching the cow’s pedigrees and production records. We had a game plan in mind and went down there and purchased very top end cows from this well respected program. We also bought a few top notch heifers out of the Dakota Standard sale which consisted of very similar breeding as the Wienk cows.

The SimAngus bulls selling are the product of us AI’ing purebred Simmental bulls to our purebred Angus cows. These half blood bulls have a tremendous amount of potential to add pounds to your calf crop. We have heard from many that the half bloods make tremendous females and feeder cattle. We are going to focus on keeping our Simmental herd as close to half bloods as possible.

We try to develop these bulls for what’s best for them and their new owner. We don’t believe in pushing the feed to them to make them look as good as they can sale day. We try to grow them in the right manner so they can breed cows efficiently, come off breeding season in good condition and stay sound on their feet and legs.

With that, we want to truly thank all our past customers and welcome new customers to our program. We feel we have a wide range of bulls that will fit the needs of your cattle operation. If you have any questions about the offering, feel free to call; we thoroughly enjoy talking about cattle and would enjoy visiting with you. Hope to see you sale day! 

Riley Reppe and Tara

Adam, Elissa, Carson, and Clayton Reppe

Alex, Ashley, and Alayna Reppe

Dan and Tammy Reppe 

to the left and

Bill Reppe to the right

New Sale Date

March, 18, 2018

2:00 PM 

Bradley Community Center

at Bradley, SD 

Registered Black Angus 

Registered Sim Angus 

Registered Charolais